MHB Airbase,

We are distributors of professional HD makeup for high definition Airbase.
We specialize in airbrush makeup HD technique.

We have everything you need for professional can offer a high quality service to its customers, with the guarantee of having the most suitable equipment and high definition product for impeccable results.

We cover all needs:


We have developed a method of airbrush makeup "MHB Airbase" with which you can make your work very quickly, with a perfect finish, foundation make-up, blush, eye shadow, you can cover tattoos, birthmarks, rosacea all kinds of skin imperfections.

Professional equipment:

We have selected the ideal, optimal and professional equipment so you can develop your work. We have technical service and spare parts, which in any event always have solution.

Professional product:

Airbase is a latest generation product, created and designed for high definition (HD) and its application with an airbrush, can use and apply with any technical traditional makeup. Ideal for long sessions of photos, cinema, HDTV, brides, and for every day.

It has a completely matte finish, it is resistant to water, heat, it does not stain, it lasts all day, cover tattoos...


In MHB Airbase, we are very committed to your safety and it is our main priority, SSL certificate offers 256-bit encryption.
Our strong 256-bit encryption provides the highest level of protection available, providing security in the transmission of data and thus, can be confident that sensitive and personal information that does not fall into the hands of third parties.

With this system we are ensuring that all data sent between the server and the client are protected against external threats.

You can check it since the user's browser decrypts the data and displays an icon of a padlock in front of, by clicking on it we can see the used certificate data. In addition to this, instead of the usual http prefix, users will see https in the address bar.