Secure payment

The purchases made in MHB Airbase ( are completely secure: your personal data and bank are protected and not accessible to unauthorized persons any point in the process.

The card details are not known for MHB Airbase //, which prevents this information can then be used fraudulently by third parties. (The best way to safeguard sensitive customer information is not having it).

This information is conveniently stored by the Virtual POS which in turn provide the payment system.


Visa / Mastercard /

We use a secure payment, Point of Sale (POS Virtual) Caixa Bank ("la Caixa")

The virtual POS is a device ready to work in completely safe within the operational sales over the Internet, that is so:

A. Attempt to contact the card-issuing bank to request cardholder authentication (verification of identity) before sending the corresponding request for authorization. This ensures that only the genuine holder, owner of the card can operate with it.

B. Implement SSL "security of the transport layer" in all communications that prevent the interception of information by third parties. Therefore, confidentiality is assured in all communications established during the transaction.

C. also enables mechanisms to test the authenticity of the origin of transactions and also prevent the manipulation of data by third parties. In this way the data integrity of the transaction is assured.

D. The issuer client authentication requests. The customer can prove his identity by a password, a phone call, etc. as agreed with the issuer. (Usually a number that gets on your mobile or cell phone)


PayPal is a payment system online internationally recognized.
PayPal protects your financial information with fraud prevention systems and industry-leading security. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the seller.
Once you completed the payment you will be sent a receipt of the transaction by email.

Bank transfer or deposit account.

You can make payments by bank transfer or deposit account, MHB Airbase // works with "La Caixa" to facilitate payments.
To expedite the delivery of your order on data transfer or bank deposit account must always be stated your order number. The shipment is carried out when we receive the receipt.
The bank transfer or deposit account means a delay in the management of your purchase, which does not come under preparation until it has confirmed, the memo or note has been received proof of payment by email: airbase airbase

Payment by check.

The check must be issued nominative: MHB Airbase (Mercedes Herrera Bedoya)

Shipping Address:
MHB Airbase (Mercedes Herrera Bedoya)
Calle Gerona 5B
08860 Castelldefels

In case of difficulty or doubt with the payment process please contact us at +34 93 665 65 58 or